Goodbye to Wrinkles in Rug on Carpet

Goodbye to Wrinkles in Rug on Carpet

Published by Admin on 11th Jan 2017

A rug sitting on top of a wall-to-wall carpet can pose as a great accent to any room. You may have a large or small rug that you would like to use on top of your carpeting, however be aware of what's to come! Unless used with the proper rug pad, the rug will experience wrinkles, buckling and shifting as a result of the pressure penetration of furniture and foot steps directly on the area rug. While you may place a sheet of plywood between your rug and carpet to prevent any wrinkles, I highly doubt you will enjoy the lack of comfort associated with this solution. Fortunately for those of us with this issue, there is a product called No-Muv Rug Pad.

No-Muv is one of the only rug pads made that is used strictly on top of carpet. It is an extremely dense felt material that is compressed into a 1/4" thick padding meant to resist even the heaviest of furniture. The underside that sits against your carpeting contains a finely textured surface to grab and hold to the carpet, hence preventing any slipping of the rug. So, when a piece of furniture sits on your rug, it normally pushes down and causes the area around it to wrinkle - With No-Muv under the rug, it will resist this pressure and prevent any wrinkling from happening, keeping your rug flat as you intended it to be. As far as rug slipping, No-Muv's finely textured lower surface solves this by adhering to the carpet, keeping everything in place.

We are fortunate enough to have heard back from various customers about their experience with No-Muv and hands down, each one praises the performance! What was once a completely wrinkled rug is now as flat as can be, as if it is on a hardwood floor and not carpet. No-Muv hails as the only rug pad to effectively prevent your rug on carpet from slipping and wrinkling and it works.

If you have such a setting and would like a solution, we suggest you try a No-Muv - Since we offer it in virtually any shape and size, we have a No-Muv pad for your rug. Simply place the padding textured side down against the carpet and No-Muv immediately starts to work to prevent any unsafe wrinkles within your area rug. And, since it does not contain any chemicals or dyes, No-Muv will not transfer to your carpet, even if your carpet is a stark white color.

No-Muv is proudly made in the USA of american materials and we are proud to offer it on in any shape and size....So, why not try one out today! Remember, with our 30 day return policy, you are never stuck!