Spills are no Longer an Issue with Spillguard Rug Pad

Spills are no Longer an Issue with Spillguard Rug Pad

Published by Admin on 2nd Oct 2018

We have had several requests for a rug pad to repel spills and pet accidents and while our felt and rubber rug pads do well to slow down the penetration to the floor, they are not moisture proof. For this reason, we are proud to introduce Spillguard Rug Pad to our product line.

Spillguard rug pad

Spillguard is one of the only rug pads to truly prevent moisture penetration to the floor. It utilizes Dupont Moisture Barrier that coats the top of the padding and this resists any liquid penetration. Underneath all of this is a dense and comfortable padding consisting of a combination rebind foam and memory foam. The result is a rug pad that resists moisture, adds comfort and protects your rugs and floors from normal wear.

Spillguard is proudly made in the USA and contains only natural organic materials that are also recyclable. Like with all of our rug pads, Spillguard can be used without the risk of damage to your floor, without odors and without any off-gasses - Simply place it under any area rug where accidents may be an issue to prevent your floor from possible moisture damage. Furthermore, it adds a great level of comfort with a full 3/8" thick padding under your rug.

We offer Spillguard in our popular shapes and sizes and we also customize it to fit any rug. Like with our other products, you can enter your rug size for your Spillguard rug pad and we will cut it to size, slightly smaller than the rug.