Rugs on Carpet

Non Slip Rug Pad for Rugs on Carpet

Rugs on carpet tend to wrinkle and slip and require the right rug pad under them. No-Muv is a non slip rug pad for carpet that works to keep rugs flat and prevent slipping on top of carpet. No-Muv offers a dense padding to resist pressure from furniture and foot steps to keep your rug as flat as possible when used on top of carpet.

NOTE: Historically, smaller rugs and narrow runners may not work as well with any product, No-Muv included, based on the fact that they are small and light. Please be advised that while No-Muv may resolve much of the issue, it may not completely keep very small rugs flat and in place on carpet. (rugs smaller than 4' x 7' and narrower than 4')

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