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No-Muv Non Slip Rug on Carpet Pad

No-Muv rug pad is used under rugs on carpet to keep rugs flat and in place. No-Muv is made in the USA of recycled felt and is a full 1/4" thick - Rated #1 rug pad for use under rugs on carpet!
NOTE: Historically, smaller rugs and narrow runners may not work as well with any product, No-Muv included, based on the fact that they are small and light. Please be advised that while No-Muv may resolve much of the issue, it may not completely keep very small rugs flat and in place on carpet. (rugs smaller than 4' x 7' and narrower than 4')

carpetbrp.jpg Safe for all Types of Carpet
No-Muv keeps rugs flat on carpet and is 100% safe for all types of carpet, regardless of carpet color or style. It also works to prevent transfer of dyes from your ares rug to your carpeting.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents Wrinkles in Your Rug on Carpet
    No-Muv is used under area rugs on carpet to prevent them from wrinkling and buckling.
  • Stops Slipping and Shifting
    A special texture grips to your carpet to prevent rug slipping on top of the carpet.
  • Extremely Durable
    No-Muv is needle punched into a 60 ounce density to resist any amount of furniture pressure.
  • All Natural
    No-Muv contains 100% recycled felt - No adhesives, chemicals or glues.
  • American-Made
    No-Muv is made in the USA under strict quality standards - Guaranteed for 20 years.
U.s. Green Building Council

American Company, American Rug Pad
Best Rug Pads is a 100% American Company and we are proud to be the authorized supplier of genuine No-Muv, a 100% American Rug Pad. The company and rug pad meet various criteria and are certified American.
LEED Certified
No-Muv meets LEED certifications; Unlike others, it does not contain chemicals, glues or additives that can off-gas, smell and damage floors and rugs.

SIZES WIDER THAN 7': It is not recommended to fold No-Muv, so fior shipping purposes, any size No-Muv wider than 7' will be sent as 2 pieces that are simply placed against each other under the rug - No tape required.


No-Muv Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: How thick is the pad?
A: No-Muv is a full 1/4" thick.
Q: Will it stop my rug from wrinkling?
A: Yes! No-Muv is known for its ability to prevent wrinkles and buckles in rugs on carpet.
Q: Can I cut the pad at home if I have to?
A: You may use a carpet knife to cut the pad and we also offer complimentary Custom Cutting.
Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Shipping is FREE within the contiguous U.S. For deliveries to Canada & Hawaii, see our Shipping Policy
Q; Is it safe for my carpet?
A: No-Muv is safe for use on any type of carpet and does not transfwer, mark or stain.
Q: Where is this pad made?
A: Like with all of our products, it is made in the United States.
Q: Does the pad smell?
A: No! Since it does not contain any chemical, adhesive or glue, No-Muv is completely odor-free.


No-Muv Guarantee
Our No-Muv rug pads are guaranteed to contain only natural fibers that will not cause damage to any floor. They are guaranteed to perform at least 15 years. If it fails to perform or is faulty, we will replace, free of charge including any shipping, with equal size and shape. Please send proof of faulty pad to

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16 Reviews

  • 4
    No-Muv Rectangular Rug Pad

    Published by N Goodrich on 3rd Aug 2017

    The No-Muv pad kept our area rug from wrinkling up, but now it "walks" - the pad and rug move around the carpet together, nice and flat. This isn't a problem any more, as we put the rug in a different, less trafficked area.

  • 5

    Published by Craig White on 12th Apr 2017

    After trying so many different rug pads I was so happy to finally find this website. I ordered the no-muv and It worked like a charm. It has great cushion, and best of all, it keeps my rug from sliding all over the place.

  • 4
    5x7 NoMuv rug pad

    Published by Janet Lindsay on 29th Mar 2017

    This product does a fairly good job. The rug still moves, but doesn't bunch up or wrinkle.

  • 5
    The rug pad is well worth the money.

    Published by Nancy Logan on 9th Feb 2017

    I just received my "No-Muv" rug pad and it works great. In the past I have tried many things but nothing ever worked before. The rug pad is well worth the money.
    Thanks Best Rug Pads !

  • 5
    Highly recommend.

    Published by Ruben Ocampo on 30th Jan 2017

    After trying many pads to keep our rug from slipping on our living room carpet, we opted to spend more money on No-Muv, and I am glad we did! Our rug has NEVER been as flat and it finally stays in place!! Highly recommend for all of those frustrating moving rugs on carpet.

  • 5
    What a Difference

    Published by A. Fletcher, Washington on 15th Mar 2016

    Finally, finally, finally my rug is staying put. Wish I found this american made rug pad sooner, it is very good quality and it is doing what is says it will do. Thank you for the great product and thank you for cutting it free to fit my rug size.

  • 5
    Best Solution

    Published by Joanne Knapp, NY on 10th Mar 2016

    Finally found a pad that really works in keeping my rug flat. The cushion provided is more than I expected, what a difference. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Good Investment

    Published by Suzette on 3rd Feb 2016

    Lived with my rug moving for over a year, and now NO-MUV took care of that. This pad does exactly what they say and I am not bending down to fix it each day. The thickness was perfect and the two pieces sent I just placed next to each other and I was done. Thank you and i will recommend.

  • 5
    My rug is staying in place perfectly!

    Published by Mary Kathryn Iorlano on 17th Sep 2015


    I am very satisfied with my rug pad – my rug is staying in place perfectly!

    I had no problem with how my carpet felt to walk on before using your pad – so it was an unexpected bonus how much more comfortable it is to walk on now!

    Thank You So Much,

  • 5
    Your product should be right next to every rug sold

    Published by Caroline Ferril on 19th Jun 2015

    Good morning. I have never dealt with such a more professional, friendly, great product company! I struggled for 2- months with a beautiful 5x8 Belgium Silk rug laid on top of wall to wall Berber. It was like the rug had a life of it's own the way it would "bunch up"... even with no one walking on it! Also have a very heavy rocking chair on it. I was literally OCD'ing straightening out the rug every five minutes! I came across your website "by accident" and truthfully was a bit skeptical about your claims.... I called on the phone to place my order, and am upset with myself for not writing down my customer service person's name. He was super nice and very helpful. Sure enough the dimensions were "off" and he figured out the exact custom size that would work best. I received my No-Muv pad in five business days, Kudo's here for your manufacturing and shipping staff also! It fit under the rug perfectly, and it no longer "bunches"... even with the furniture on top. I can't say enough good things about your product, and company/customer service. Your product should be right next to every rug sold, and carpet sales people should be recommending it with every purchase! Thank you.

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