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Rug-Chek Non Slip Rubber Rug Pad

Rug-Chek is a natural rubber non slip rug pad that is made in the USA. It prevents rugs from slipping and it offers protection to your area rugs and floors.

hardwoodbrp.png Safe for all Types of Floors
Unlike other mesh looking rug pads, Rug-Chek does not contain any adhesives or glue, so it 100% safe for all hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, heated, marble, concrete and all hard floor surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents Rugs from Slipping
    Solid untreated rubber naturally grabs to floor to prevent any rug from slipping.
  • Protects Rugs and Floors
    More dense than look-a-like pads, so it resists much pressure to rugs and floors.
  • Solild Rubber, Not Plastic
    Natural latex rubber is pressed into a 1/8" thick pad that works to prevent slipping and protect.
  • Use on all Floors
    Since the rubber is not treated with any adhesive, Rug-Chek is safe for all floors.
  • American-Made
    Rug-Chek is made in the USA under strict quality standards - Guaranteed for 15 years.

NOTE ON SIZES WIDER THAN 12': Our rug pad rolls are 12' wide, so any rug wider than this will receive one rug pad that is made up of two professionally attached pieces.

U.s. Green Building Council

American Company, American Rug Pad
Best Rug Pads is a 100% American Company and we are proud to be the authorized supplier of Rug-Chek Rug Pad, a 100% American Rug Pad. The company and rug pad meet various criteria and are certified American.
LEED Certified
Rug-Chek meets LEED certifications; Unlike others, it does not contain chemicals, glues or additives that can off-gas, smell and damage floors and rugs.


Rug-Chek Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: How thick is the pad?
A: Rug-Chek is a full 1/8" thick.
Q: Can I cut the pad at home if I have to?
A: You may use scissors to cut the pad and we also offer complimentary Custom Cutting.
Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Shipping is FREE within the contiguous U.S. For deliveries to Canada & Hawaii, see our Shipping Policy
Q; Is it safe for my floor?
A: Rug-Chek is safe for use on any type of hard floor surface and any floor finish.
Q: Where is this pad made?
A: Like with all of our products, it is made in the United States.
Q: Does the pad smell?
A: No! Since it does not contain any chemical, adhesive or glue, Rug-Chek is completely odor-free.


Reviews (14)

Kevin 26th Jun 2017

The Best

Best pad ever!!

Fred 26th Jun 2017

Awesome Pad

This pad is perfect. Not too thin, and not too thick. Keeps my rug from moving and has no smell to it at all. I am very pleased.

Additional Info

Additional Info

<Strong>Rug-Chek Non Slip Rubber Rug Pad Guarantee</Strong><br> Our Rug Chek rug pads are guaranteed to contain only natural rubber that will not cause damage to any floor. They are guaranteed to perform at least 15 years. If it fails to perform or is faulty, we will replace, free of charge including any shipping, with equal size and shape. Please send proof of faulty pad to