Rug Pad Installation and Care

Our rug pad installation and care is fairly simple and requires a few steps. When your rug pads are properly cared for, this will assure years of performance and protection to your rugs and floors.

Durahold: Durahold is unrolled and placed with rubber side down against the hard floor surface and felt side up against back of rug. 
Shaw: Shaw felt rug pads contain a softer (fuzzier) side and a stiffer, smoother side. Place the softer side down against the hard floor. 
Rug-Chek: Rug-Chek does not technically have a  top and bottom side, so simply place it down against any hard floor and it's ready for use on either side. 
No-Muv: No-Muv contains a specially stiffened side that goes down against the carpet and the felt side up against the back of the area rug.

General Dust & Dirt: It is important to reveal the rug pad at least twice a year to determine if any dust went through your rug to the pad. Once you reveal the pad, you can sweep or vacuum any dust from it.
Spot Cleaning: Our rug pads can all be spot cleaned with a mild liquid detergent and water mixture. Scrub the suds from this mixture against any spot, let air dry and then vacuum any soap residue.
Rotation: Just like with your area rugs, your rug pads should be rotated at least once-a-year to prevent uneven wear.